About ShouldIBlog.org

ShouldIBlog.org is a not-for-profit (actually it is not officially anything yet) set up by Rebecca J. Hogue as a way to give back to the cancer community. In June 2014 Rebecca began her cancer journey, which she blogged about at http://bcbecky.com. Prior to her cancer journey, she was working on a PhD in Educational Technology, and had taught educators about emerging technologies.

The website ShouldIBlog.org contains free content to help those diagnosed with cancer to determine if blogging is right for them, but also to help those who want to blog to get started.

Rebecca is not being paid for this effort. If you find this website or course useful, Rebecca asks that you make a donation to one of the various cancer charity events that she is participating in, or to support this page/course. Any money collected that exceeds the needs of this page/course will go directly to fundraising for one of the events. You can find current events listed on the donate page.

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